Optimus Prime, PES OpenSource community's IRC Bot

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Optimus is a P.R.I.M.E. (Pseudo Robotic Irc Messaging Entity). He is being developed to monitor the logs and provide assistance in PES OpenSource Community's IRC channel #pes-os (in freenode)

Optimus Prime

The attempt here is to write an IRC bot, but at the same time try to give it a personality, that of the character Optimus Prime in Transformers series


  1. Clone the repository and change to the project directory
  2. Run npm install. Of course, you need to have Nodejs first.
  3. Run npm start. The bot will have connected to the set channels and started logging. The configurations can be tweaked in config.js

Running tests

Execute npm test in the project directory.


The philosophy, tech stack, coding guidelines are available in wiki

  1. Adding a feature
  2. Raising an issue
    • Determine what is breaking
    • Raise an issue here
    • Describe in what situations the system breaks
  3. Fixing bugs
    • Go through outstanding issues
    • Choose an issue you would like to close
    • Comment on the issue that you intend to work on it (to avoid conflicts)
    • Follow steps in (1)