PyCampus is an annual event series organized in PES University by PES OpenSource, in order to introduce engineering students to programming and Python. The events are mostly hands on, with exercises intended to both spark an interest in programming as well as introduce concepts that are unique to Python.

This is a report of Day 2 a session concentrating on Web Programming in Python with Django. The event was held on 2nd November 2014 at PES University.

About the speakers

The speakers for the event were Haris Ibrahim and Kracekumar Ramaraju from BangPypers. Haris works in Eventifier and previously worked for HasGeek. Kracekumar is a co-host of the Bangalore Python User group and currently works at RecruiterBox and is also the general secretary of PSSI.

The theme was programming for the web with Python using Django. A checklist for the event was shared with the participants before the event, so that their systems would be setup and ready to go. The event began with an introduction of different layers involved when a browser makes a request to a web server. Then, the speakers explained how Django fits into this picture.

There was a brief discussion of Django philosophy, its best practices, folder organization and also alternatives to Django.

Soon enough, obligatory “Hello World” was done with(albeit with some trouble getting everyone onto the same page – pun intended!). The speakers introduced different types of web requests, an introduction to NoSQL(Redis) data stores and basic CRUD operations. This concluded the morning session.

In the afternoon session, the participants got to work on a Tweet corpus to master their ORM and CRUD skills. The session ended with a visualization of the tweets using chartjs.

Here are some resources shared by the speakers –