PyCampus is an annual event series organized in PES University by PES OpenSource, in order to introduce engineering students to programming and Python. The events are mostly hands on, with exercises intended to both spark an interest in programming as well as introduce concepts that are unique to Python.

This is a report of Python for all, a session for beginners that was held in campus on 19 October 2014.

PyCampus 2014, Beginners session

The day got off to a memorable start with a video message from Python’s creator Guido van Rossum (or as he is reverently called by the Python community, Benevolent Dictator For Life – BDFL) to the participants. The BDFL spoke about the power of Python programming language, and its application across companies and domains. Not everyone gets to listen to the creator of a programming language before they even begin programming in that language!

The speakers for the event were Nitin Kumar and Shailendra Mahapatra from BangPypers – a Bangalore based python users group. Nitin is a NetOps Engineer at Juniper Networks and has recently released Junos PyEZ. Shailendra works at McAfee as a Technical Lead.

The session started with the speakers explaining Python’s place in today’s world to participants, most of whom have had some experience coding in the traditional languages of C, C++ or Java. They also mentioned about Python’s usage, scalability and reliability at companies like Dropbox, Google etc.

From here on in, the session was entirely hands-on. The participants were given a tour of Python. The first session was on Lists, input/output, functions and dictionaries. The second session began post lunch with classes and exception handling being the key topics.

Throughout the event, participants were given programming challenges to solve to test and apply their newly gained Python knowledge.

The session ended with a quick tour of the Python standard library modules like urllib, re, sys, os etc.

We at PES OpenSource would like to thank Nitin and Shailendra for taking time of their busy schedule to spend a day with us. It was a really memorable experience for everyone here at PESOS.

The PES Open Source Community was initiated on 16th july 2011 by the students and alumni of PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India. It is driven by the spirit and philosophy of open source and aims at popularizing its cause and at the same time empower the student community’s knowledge of cutting-edge technology by coming up with new projects and hacks.

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