PES OpenSource

“Let knowledge come from all sides” - Rig Veda

Our Summer Programs!

Summer of Open Source

Many students are interested to contribute to open source projects but find it confusing or tough to adapt or understand the projects and/or the open source culture. We at PES OpenSource are starting this innovative program this year, to personally guide students to kickstart their open source journey. A group of guides will be online during weekends in June and July, 2014, and anyone can approach to clarify their queries, with a personal touch! We want to make sure that a student, as a contributor feels the knowledge flowing from all sides in the process. Guides will be online from 20:00 to 22:00 every Saturday for the two months in our IRC Channel. Need help in contributing to open source projects? S.O.S. - We are there!

PES Summer of Code

PES-SoC is a annual program started during the year 2012, on the lines of the Google Summer of Code program. Students get to work on projects being developed by the community and are rewarded for their contributions. This program gives students an opportunity to work for a little over two months during the summer, and closely with a mentor who will be guiding them with their projects. All details to the program this year are present in our github repo for the program - PES Summer of Code 2014.

The Philosophy

OpenSource philosophy is based on a simple theory that knowledge, of any form, grows when allowed to flow freely. Hence knowledge must be shared: and in its pure unadulterated form. In the realm of software, this means that the source code is open for anyone to see, share and learn. And in the case of hardware, this means that the assembly level implementations, the architecture, the hardware drivers are freely available to study and improve. This ideology and the environment that has grown around it has revolutionized the very nature of technological world and is generating ripples everyday. Some of the world’s largest collaborative projects are attributed to Open Source projects, most notable being the Linux Kernel, Ubuntu, Android, Firefox etc.

About us

The PES Open Source Community was initiated on 16th july 2011 by the students and alumni of PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India. It is driven by the spirit and philosophy of open source and aims at popularizing its cause and at the same time empower the student community’s knowledge of cutting-edge technology by coming up with new projects and hacks.

A Student’s Perspective

Most of the companies today list being an open source developer as one of its requirements or as a plus. The career opportunities an open source developer has are immense. This community shall be the starting point for students if they are interested to equip themselves with the latest technologies and be an open source developer. Open source projects have a more professional touch to them, compared to other projects and will help them gain necessary industry exposure.