PES Open Source Community

"Let Knowledge come from all sides" - Rig Veda

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Rain, Sunshine, Linux...... Best things in life are free!!

PES Open Source community is an initiative undertaken by the alumni and students of PESIT, Bangalore. It aims to popularize open source, come out with new hacks and projects and spread the word of being 'open'.


As part of celebrations for PyCon India 2013, PES OpenSource is collaborating with Indian Python Software Society to host PyCampus. PyCampus aims at spreading and promoting the word of Python in our campus. We have expert speakers coming from the Bangalore Python Users Group or BangPypers to talk in the sessions.

PES Summer of Code

PES Summer of Code is an innovative paid internship programme for the students of PESIT to work on different projects pertaining to latest open source technologies.

A Student's Perspective

Most of the startups today list being an open source developer as one of its requirements. The career opportunities a open source developer has are immense. This community shall be the starting point for all students of PESIT if they are interested to equip themselves with the latest technologies and be an open source developer. Open source projects have a more professional touch to them, compared to other projects. This will help them gain necessary industry exposure.